Motorbike road traffic accident

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We were instructed on behalf of Mr P who sustained multiple injuries when the Defendant driver pulled out in front of him as he was riding along on his motorbike. As a result of the accident he sustained a fracture to his right ankle. soft tissue injury to his left ankle and a musco ligamentus injury to the left shoulder and his lower back. He underwent surgery on his ankle and was unable to weight bear for a period of 3 months. The metal work was removed from his ankle 7 months after the accident and he was discharged from orthopaedic treating care at one year and two months post accident.

The injury to his shoulder fully settled within 2 years of the accident and he only had minor ongoing symptoms in his left foot and right ankle. He had mild ongoing back pain which the expert considered would be permanent.

Mr P owned his own company working as a Yacht/Boat surveyor of which him and his wife were equal shareholders although his wife did not work within the Company.  As a result of the accident he was unable to carry out this physical work and had to employ an individual to undertake some of the surveying. When he was able to return to work he did so initially at a reduced capacity. The company saw a drop in profits.

An expert accountancy report was obtained to calculate the extent of the loss to Mr P as shareholder and director. The Defendants did not obtain their own report but had an accountancy expert comment on the report obtained on behalf of Mr P.

The matter settled by way of consent for £47,000.00 on a global basis with around £26,000.00 estimated on account of his loss of earnings.  

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