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Delay in misdiagnosis of benign tumours

Our Clinical Negligence team can give you careful, sound, and realistic advice if you have suffered injury from sub-standard medical treatment in relation to tumours, including delayed cancer diagnosis. At Blake Lapthorn solicitors we have links with medical experts who help us to investigate your case, and establish whether you suffered injury because of medical negligence by a doctor or healthcare body, and the chances of a successful compensation claim.

Delays or misdiagnosis of benign tumours can lead to compensation claims for medical negligence. Although benign tumours tend to grow more slowly than malignant tumours, and do not usually spread to other parts of the body, they can still cause considerable damage and ill effects. This is particularly true when they are located in the brain, or near the spinal cord.

We have experience of cases of benign brain tumours that have affected parts of the brain. They can lead to blockage of the cerebrospinal fluid that circulates in the ventricles of the brain causing increased pressure. This may lead to damage including, blindness, strokes and paralysis. Examples of benign tumours that can have serious effects on the brain are craniopharyngeoma, a tumour of the pituitary gland, and meningioma, a tumour of the tissue lining the brain.

Some tumours of the spine or surrounding tissues can be categorised as benign. However, if they are located close to the spinal cord or major nerves they can cause compression and nerve injury leading to paralysis and incontinence.

If you have suffered clinical negligence, our Clinical Negligence team at Blake Lapthorn solicitors is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you.

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