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The Claimant, Master E, contacted BL Claims Solicitors through his mother in relation to clinical negligence which took place at Birmingham Children's Hospital in August 2012.

On 30 August 2012 he attended his GP surgery with a painful right testicle.  The pain was of sudden onset and severe.  The pain radiated to the right groin.  There was apparently no risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and no discharge.  There was no pain in the other testicle or the penis.  On examination there was extreme pain in the right side of the scrotum.  A letter was written for the Claimant to take with him to hospital querying testicular torsion. 

The Claimant arrived in A&E at Birmingham Children's Hospital at 17.04 hours.  He was recorded as having a temperature and his pain score at 17.35 hours was 7/10. 

He was seen at 18.45 hours by a doctor and was noted to have had pain in the right hemiscrotum since 29 August 2012.  The pain was noted to have started in the right groin and then to the right scrotum and was persistent.  The right testis was not enlarged and was of normal lie. The doctor recorded an impression of epididymo-orchitis.  The plan was for 14 days of antibiotics, and analgesia. 

On 3 September 2012 the Claimant was taken back to A&E by his mother at 11.17 hours.  He was seen by the general surgical doctor at 11.55 hours.  On examination the right testicle was red and swollen and tender ++.  There was minimal hydrocele on illumination.  The doctor felt the need to rule out testicular torsion and the Claimant was to be reviewed by a consultant. 

He was seen at 12.30 hours by a consultant.  On examination a tense hydrocele was noted.  Maximum tenderness was noted over the upper pole with widespread tenderness throughout the right side. He was then consented for exploration of the right hemiscrotum +/- right orchidopexy, +/- right orchidectomy, +/- left orchidopexy.  The intended benefit was to diagnose the problem and restore blood supply to the testis.

He was taken to theatre at around 17.30 hours for surgery. During surgery the left testicle had to be removed as the blood supply had been cut off for so long. The Claimant was allowed home the following day.  His GP was to refer him for a prosthesis.

BL Claims solicitors obtained £8,500 in compensation for Master E in relation to this claim. If you would like to discuss a similar claim please contact Gemma Osgood, contact details below.

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