Compensation for personal injury caused by negligent dental treatment

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Our Clinical Negligence team has successfully recovered £17,500.00 following a claim for compensation as a result of personal injury due to substantial dental treatment. 

Mr A underwent extraction of his UR1 tooth on 20 August 2011. His dentist then inserted an implant into the space. Mr A felt the implant was not inserted correctly so he sought a second opinion and it was confirmed that the implant had been placed too high. He was offered a pink porcelain bridge. Mr A was very unhappy with the bridge and wanted it to be put right. He was referred to a consultant cranio-facial surgeon.

Mr A was seen by the consultant who confirmed the implant was far too deep and was protruding into the nasal cavity. The implant requires removal as it cannot be used. It is likely that Mr A will suffer bone loss when the implant is removed and he will therefore require a new implant and also bone grafting.

In the meantime, his dentist has put crowns on both UR2 and UL1 in order for a bridge to be fitted. Mr A wishes to have the implant removed and a further implant placed in the future rather than have a bridge for the rest of his life. Mr A had saved up for two years to have the initial implant. 

Mr A instructed BL Claims Solicitors as Specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitors. Liability was admitted and Mr A agreed to accept £17,500.00 in full and final settlement of his claim.

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