Exposure to Asbestos dust

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This claim was brought on behalf of a client  - Mr Y - who spent many years working at local company as an electrician.

His career involved him working on board many ships, some well-known such as the Canberra, Oriana, Keta and Kromance, where he was exposed to asbestos dust. He recalled seeing the white dust, which we now know to be asbestos dust, all around him and reported being covered in the dust from the pipework and engine rooms. The dust would be all over the floor, being shovelled into bags. It would be in the air, illuminated when working at night by the bright temporary lights.

Mr Y was diagnosed with diffuse pleural thickening, which affects his breathing and has reduced his life expectancy.  The things he enjoys in life, his love of walking and trips in his motorhome have all been affected. Mr Y has had to take early retirement and relies on his wife to help him with everyday tasks. He frequently suffers from bouts of pneumonia as a result of being unable to clear his lungs in the normal way.

Mr Y approached BL Claims Solicitors as expert personal injury solicitors who have experience dealing with Asbestos related claims. His claim has been settled on a provisional basis, as he remains at risk of developing one of the more serious asbestos related conditions such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis or a deterioration of his diffuse pleural thickening. Should he contract any of these conditions then he will be able to return to the Court for additional compensation.

For now, Mr Y will receive £210,000, which will compensate him for his pain and suffering, and his financial losses such as his loss of earnings and pension resulting from his early retirement.

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