Compensation received for incorrectly sited cannula

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On 30 August 2014 Mr W was admitted to Hospital following a haematemesis. During that admission a cannula was mistakenly sited in the right brachial artery. He was transferred to a different hospital on 31 August 2014. On 1 September 2014 the cannula became dislodged and was removed. A haematoma subsequently developed and on 9 September 2014 a pseudoaneurysm of the brachial artery was diagnosed. Mr W underwent repair and fasciotomies that day. As a result of the surgery Mr W was left with scarring and functional impairment. But for the negligence, Mr W would not have developed compartment syndrome in his right arm requiring surgery. He would have avoided the scarring of his arm and the scar on his leg from which the vein was harvested. He would not have needed a blood transfusion or further surgery to repair the fasciotomies.  In the longer term he would have avoided the loss of relative strength in the arm and the slow and painful recovery.

 Although it was only Mr W's right arm which was injured as a result of the negligence, he already had an existing fistula in his left arm which was used for dialysis. The injury was therefore of increased significance for MR W and significantly impacted on his ability to be independent around the house.

Unfortunately Mr W passed away on 28 March 2017 before the claim was concluded. His death was not related to the negligence but this obviously impacted on the value of the claim. Proceedings were issued at Court and the claim eventually settled for £10,000.

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