Fractured and broken bones

Failure to diagnose malunion of fractured radius

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After our client fell onto her hand, it started to swell up. After six months she noticed there was still pain which required surgery due to a failure by doctors to diagnose malunion of fractured radius. Here is an overview of the claim and the outcome. More …

£1.4million settlement reached for long-term damage to ankle

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Ankle injury

Miss A had an accident which resulted in a severe fracture dislocation of her left ankle. Despite several operations, she developed a severely painful and arthritic ankle which affected her ability to work. More …

Successful claim following broken ankle after pothole fall

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We recently took on a case from our client, Mrs S, who had fallen into a pothole whilst walking her young grandson down a local road in Shoreham by Sea in January 2011. We arranged a CFA and insurance with Accident Line for her to take action against the local highway authority. More …

Premature removal of radial plate in child

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Our client was a young boy who was aged seven years old when he fell up some stairs at home. His parents took him straight to hospital where it was revealed that he had sustained a fractured distal radius and ulna. More …