Bladder damage

Mrs C case study – bladder neck fillers to resolve stress incontinence

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When Mrs C started developing serious symptoms after having a Deflux fitted she approached BL Claims to help with her claim. Here is an overview of the case and how we helped her win a settlement. More …

Settlement reached for damage caused during bladder surgery

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Our Clinical Negligence team helped a man who's bladder neck was damaged during surgery. Here is an overview of the case and the outcome. If you have had a similar experience contact our Clinical Negligence team. More …

Significant settlement reached for failure to remove ureteric stent for 10 years causing loss of kidney

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In February 2003, Mrs A was admitted to hospital with right loin pain. Investigation identified a swollen right kidney. She was referred and underwent a cystoscopy to see if there was any obstruction to the bladder which might be causing her symptoms. She was discharged back to the care of the GP. More …