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BL Claims Solicitors specialise in personal injury, clinical negligence and travel claims, providing our clients with hands-on support, nationally.

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Here, our Travel Accident and Injury claim team answer some Frequently Asked Questions that may help you when making a compensation claim.

Who will pay my legal costs?

This will depend on the country in which we can bring the claim. We are often able to offer a no-win no-fee service where the claim can be brought in England. It is always advisable to buy travel insurance and that should include some legal expenses insurance that may provide some cover for legal costs to bring a claim abroad. Call us now so we can advise you as to whether you can bring a claim no matter where in the world the accident happened.

I bought my holiday on the internet, can I still bring a claim?

The law was designed to protect holidaymakers who had a problem abroad as it can be difficult to pursue a claim abroad. The law is governed by The Package Travel Regulations. The growth of internet holidays has caused a problem where someone buys their flights and hotels separately. If the flights and hotel are paid for separately, this is not a package holiday and the injured party may not have the protection of the Regulations. There may be other ways to be able to bring the claim in England and it may be possible to bring the case abroad. Make sure that you speak to an expert firm with plenty of experience of handling claims abroad.

How much compensation will I get?

This will depend on what happened, where the claim is brought and the applicable law. It is often advisable to bring a claim in England where damages can be better than damages abroad. On occasion, a claim can be brought in England but foreign law will apply. We have an enormous amount of experience in handling claims abroad that spans many years and can usually advise you quickly as to the best jurisdiction in which to gain the maximum amount of damages. 

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