Personal injury claims

What to do if you're in a cycling accident

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Road cyclist

Have you been in a cycling accident? Our guide explains what you need to do before, after and during the accident. Read our guide to ensure you are prepared. More …

Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury claims often arise from road traffic accidents or accidents caused in the home, at work, on holiday or outdoors. Some claims can be complicated and require specialist opinions. More …

Personal Injury: What happens if court proceedings are started?

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We will have tried to settle your claim without going to court. However, sometimes there are aspects of the claim that the other party‚Äôs insurers refuse to accept. More …

Personal Injury: An employer's guide

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Claims for personal injury for accidents at work and industrial disease (both asbestos and Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims) are a fact of life. You can however reduce your exposure to potential claims, costs of those pursued as well as unmerited claims if you ensure that certain steps are taken following an accident and/or notification of a claim. More …

FAQs Personal Injury claims

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Our Personal Injury team answer frequently asked questions when making a compensation claim. More …

Personal Injury Guide: The medical examination

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Our guide to why and what will happen when you have a medical examination due to a compensation claim. More …