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I have to say I have been so impressed by the members of the clinical negligence team. The breadth and depth of their experience in this area of law has been so inspiring to me as a trainee.

I am lucky as I used to be a nurse so picking up the medical 'lingo' has been relatively easy for me but wading through files full of hospital notes is time consuming and needs an expert eye. Helpfully, the team also has a full time nurse advisor to assist with the wholly medical aspects of clinical negligence claims and who can also act as a great point of contact for our clients to chat through any medical issues that might be proving difficult to understand.

The cases we undertake are amazingly diverse which I think is a real strength of this team. The team really seem to care that each individual's case is looked at carefully and legally assessed with the same attention given to each individual regardless of the size of their claim. I value this egalitarian approach to claims as, if somebody has been hurt, the team realises that this really matters to the individual and team members always willing to give of their time and expertise to enable an individual to understand if they have a claim that can be pursued.

I have had several high points working in this team but I have to admit that the main one is seeing team members battling as hard as they can on behalf of their clients every single day.

I am especially enjoying my time in this team as I get the opportunity to draw on my background in neonatal and paediatric nursing and chat with other members of the team who are also dual qualified, one as a doctor and the other as a midwife. We are fortunate to have such medical knowledge at our finger tips and I think this really does benefit our clients.

Overall, I think clinical negligence team at Blake Lapthorn is a brilliant team to work with. Friendly, considerate and always professional. The team emphasis is always on making sure all our clients are looked after and fully understand what is happening with their claim. I consider myself very lucky to be working with such a talented team.

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