Cyclist's helmet camera Captures bad driving

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The latest 'safety-attachment' for cyclists trying to prevent accidents from occurring and to provide proof when they encounter bad or dangerous driving is to wear a tiny camera attached to either a helmet or handlebar. This practice is becoming more popular, due to the increasing number of cyclists on the road coming into conflict with other road users.

One cyclist used this to his benefit when a van driver overtook him in unsafe proximity, the driver proceeded to then jump out of his van, to confront the cyclist, and shouted abuse at him.  The police used the footage captured by the cyclist  and the driver was prosecuted and found guilty of a public order offense and driving without due care and attention, fined £300 with costs of £150 and 5 points on his license. The BBC have the frightening footage of this case on their website.
The Cycling Organisation, CTC, believe that the more people that cycle, the safer it will become for them, as drivers will be more familiar with consciousness of cyclists on the road.  However, there are still around 17,000 injuries a year and in 2009, 104 deaths.
Kaye Mansbridge, a Legal Executive specialising in road accidents involving cyclists comments:

"I believe the camera's would assist in proving who is at fault when a claim is made.  If there are no independent witnesses than it is one person's word against another's.  It could be the evidence that is needed to ensure a claim is successful and that the injured cyclist receives the compensation they deserve. Although video footage may not always show the entire accident, it is likely to be of real benefit.  The additional benefit to cyclists is with more drivers becoming aware of the camera's, which can be purchased for as little as £20, motorist's driving and awareness of cyclists on the road will generally improve".

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