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Even if it is just for a day trip, there will more than likely be a number of legal requirements to be respected. These requirements will vary according to the country or countries in which you intend to drive, but you may need to consider the following:

Insurance cover inform your car insurer that you are planning to take your car abroad. They may then issue you with an international 'Green Card' so that you are covered to drive in your destination of choice, but there may well be a premium to pay for this, depending on the destination and the length of time you intend to stay there. Your insurer will provide you with more information about this.

Vehicle documents in some countries you may need to carry with you your driving licence (usually the full paper version as opposed to just the photo-card), your insurance certificate and/or the registration documents for your car. Check which documents you require and make sure you have these with you when you drive. Do not leave original documents in an empty car.

Vehicle equipment check whether you need to carry any special equipment. It may for example for obligatory to carry spare bulbs, a reflective jacket, a red warning triangle and/or a first aid kit. You may also need to fit headlight beam converters for driving on the right hand side of the road and use a GB sticker. There may well be fines for not carrying required items- spot checks are common in some countries. 

Alcohol limits in some countries there is a zero-tolerance approach to drinking and driving. Make sure you know what the limit is for your destination as it may not be the same as in the UK.

Mobile phones to avoid getting caught out, make sure you know what the law is in your country of destination with regards to using mobile phones whilst driving.

Speed limits national speed limits may vary from country to country, as do penalties for not respecting them. There are however agreements between certain European member states whereby foreign cars caught speeding by speed cameras will be tracked and their drivers fined.

This is not an exhaustive list, and exact requirements will vary depending on the country in which you intend to drive. Further information about driving in Europe can be found here.

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