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Why is the stillbirth rate so high?

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In 2009 the UK had £4,100 stillbirths. We are ranked 33rd in a list of 193 countries. That is a statistic that we should be ashamed of.

Professor Gordon Smith, head of the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at Cambridge, said that the medical understanding of stillbirth was still "very basic". As a midwife myself with over 20 years of experience it was always terrible when a woman had a stillbirth for any reason. However, the most traumatic for parents and midwife was when the baby appeared completely normal.

I agree with Professor Gordon Smith that more research is required to consider the cause for these stillbirths. There must be a reason and we need to find out what it is to prevent parents going through such a devastating and traumatic experience.

Patricia Wakeford

Solicitor – clinical negligence

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