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8 New risks which could cause a stroke

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A new study carried out by researchers at the University Medical centre in Utrecht looked at 250 patients and identified 8 new triggers that cause an increase in blood pressure which could ultimately result in blood vessels bursting. Nearly 29,000 of the 150,000 strokes that happen each year are down to bleeding on the brain. These new triggers are all common activities, some of which we do every day.

Percentage of bursts due to:

• Coffee 10.6%
• Vigorous exercise 7.9%
• Nose blowing 5.4%
• Sex 4.3%
• Straining to defecate 3.6%
• Drinking cola 3.5%
• Being startled 2.7%
• Being angry 1.3%

Although the research is beneficial in helping to develop ways of combating the risk of strokes I can't help but think we are all turning into hypochondriacs. After all, is it not the case that a lack of exercise will cause a risk of high blood pressure? Should we then all be exercising at a moderate level only? Or should we sit indoors wrapped in cotton wool?

Alicia Marsh

Trainee Solicitor

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