Are you listening to music louder that you thought?

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Research showed that one in ten people regularly turn up their MP3 to a volume higher than a drill on a building site, one in six listen to their MP3 player at a level which is more deafening than an aeroplane taking off and one in twenty listen at a volume more thunderous than a train hurtling past in a station, a car alarm ringing in your ears and screaming children.
As a lawyer who specialises in Noise Induced Hearing Loss I am aware that damage to your hearing can begin when your ears are exposed to noises louder than 85 decibels for prolonged periods of time.  A pneumatic drill can reach levels of 110 decibels, this means that millions of people are listening to their music almost 40% higher than is naturally safe.
Not only can listening to loud music damage your hearing it also has safety concerns.  As part of the study one in twenty people admitting to being distracted by their loud music in the car that they had had a near miss, and one in fourteen have had a close call crossing a road while out jogging.
So go on, turn it down just a notch!
Karen Hayden is a Legal Executive in the Personal Injury team.

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