The failing NHS

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Meals being left by the bed whilst a patient sleeps and being taken away again before the food has been touched; Call buttons being left out of reach; Patients using commodes at the side of their beds as staff are too busy to take them to the toilet and even water being placed out of reach of patients are all pitfalls highlighted in the recent report. We know nursing staff are busy, but surely all it takes is a little bit of common sense?

So far 12 hospitals have been spot checked by the Care Quality Commission, 3 of which were failing to meet the basic standards of care. These trusts have now been given a few months to get their act together before a further inspection takes place.

With such simple standards failing to be met, it does make you wonder what else is failing to be done within the NHS.

Alicia Marsh

Trainee Solicitor - Clinical Negligence team

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