10 Top Tips For Overcoming Your Hay Fever

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Hay fever is triggered by breathing in pollen from plants and by the pollen getting into our eyes. A massive 15 million people in the UK suffer with hay fever, most of whom develop the allergy in their teens, however I am sure mine has appeared over the last 2 years.

For some people, hay fever is merely an irritating runny nose which can be overcome by a quick dose of antihistamine tablets. For others, the full blown symptoms of sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes and what is known as the 'thick head' are much more of a hindrance. With pollen counts being unusually high this year, it's not surprising that a Welsh newspaper recently reported that 11.8% of the Welsh workforce phone in sick to work because of the allergy.

So if you are suffering this summer, take a look at my top 10 tips below to get you through the season:-

1. Wear sunglasses – This will stop the pollen getting into your eyes. Glasses that wrap around the side of your head are particularly good.

2. Keep an eye on the pollen count – Although you may not want to lock yourself inside whenever it's high, it will at least give you an advanced warning.

3. Close your car windows – I know its hot but switch to air conditioning, this will keep the pollen out of the car.

4. Beware mid-morning and early evening – This is when pollen levels are at their peak! Close your windows and doors around this time of day to keep the pollen at bay.

5. Apply some Vaseline – putting some Vaseline around the inside of your nose is said to reduce symptoms.

6. Avoid parks and fields in the early evening – This is when the pollen levels are high and are floating around at nose level.

7. Get more vitamin C – Fruit, particularly those with lots of vitamin C, will help boost your immune system and fight the effects of hay fever.

8. Change your clothes – If you've spent the day outside, change your clothes when you get home to get rid of any pollen you may have picked up during the day. A shower will also rid you of any lurking pollen. 

9. Stay re-hydrated – Cut back on the alcohol and up your water intake. Being de-hydrated will make your symptoms seem worse.

10. Be lazy, get someone else to mow the lawn!

Enjoy the summer!

Alicia Marsh
Trainee solicitor, Clinical Negligence team

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