Young blood donors the NHS needs you!

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The reasons cited for 18 -34 year olds not donating are:

1). Fear of needles

2). Busy lives, no time

3). How long will it take and what does it involve?

This is National Blood Week and the blood and transplant society are trying to raise awareness to encourage 18 -34 year olds to donate. They are aiming to get 10,000 new donors to pledge to give blood this week.

It is rare that whole blood is used these days unless someone has experienced severe blood loss.  Instead blood is split in to red cells, plasma and platelets and used in cancer treatments, following accidents, child birth and during surgery.  The top 10 users for blood donation are:

Anaemia (medical) - 23%
Orthopaedics - 14%
Haematology - 15%
Gastro intestinal bleeding - 11%
General Surgery - 10%
Cardio thoracic surgery - 6%
Obstetrics & Gynaecology - 6%
Vascular surgery - 5%
Urology - 3%

It's easy to give blood with sessions running every day in your area.  You can book an appointment on line at a time convenient to you.  It simply to register, book and appointment and takes little time at all.  So, in the words of Sean Bean go on "do something amazing today - Give Blood",  or at least pledge too and make that appointment.  You never know when you or a loved one will be relying on the generosity of others who have done so.

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