head or brain injuries in road accidents but American research has also shown that wearing a helmet can reduce cervical spine injury as well.

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Motorcycle Helmets Can Help Prevent Cervical Spine Injuries in Accidents.

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The study was conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  The team studied records of motorcycle accidents occurring between 2002 and 2006. The researchers concluded that motorcyclists who wore helmets were significantly less at risk of suffering from a cervical spine injury in an accident. The study concluded that wearing a helmet reduced the risk of cervical spine injury by 22%

This study is considered ground breaking, because in the US, it is a commonly held view that helmets actually increase the risk of neck injury and is used by many to avoid wearing one. Critics of the motorcycle helmet utilise studies, some of which are up to 25 years in age as compelling evidence that wearing a helmet can increase the risk of neck and spinal injuries. Modern motorcycle helmets are however lighter and more ergonomically designed. Some of the latest models of motorcycle helmets include an added strength factor for ultimate protection against all injuries.

I was interested to read about this study, because in the UK it's against the law to ride a bike without a helmet.  I do not recall remember seeing anyone without a helmet for many years.  It might be more common on private ground or off road.  I personally don;t understand why anyone would ride a bike or motorcycle without a helmet.  It just seems to make sense.  Maybe this study, will make people think twice about not wearing a helmet, as they may be more concerned about the consequences of spinal injury rather than suffering a head injury. 
Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/press-releases/11/06/p1169096/studies-show-that-motorcycle-helmets-can-help-prevent-cervical-spine-i#ixzz1PKfaIUQe
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