www.guardian.co.uk  where a cyclist in New York was threatened with a ticket for distracting motorists and endangering other road users.  The Police Officer said that her skirt was too distracting for drivers!
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Does cycling in a skirt make you a motoring hazard?

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Cycling in a skirt is not unusual there are dozens of cyclists in dresses and skirts around London, regardless of the length as they tend to offer more coverage than shorts.  Skirts are also more comfortable than jeans.
What is the difference between a cyclist wearing a skirt and a pair of shorts!  Men are continuously cycling round in tight lycra but you don't hear of any crashes as a result of motorists being distracted.
Any driver who is distracted enough by a cyclist wearing a skirt could reasonably be charged for driving without due care and attention.  There are many hazards on the roads that drivers have to respond to at short notice (ie high speed police cars, ambulances etc) and they are able to do so safely.
Cycling is not an extreme sport for everybody and if it is a case of cycling from A to B in normal atire, what is the harm, especially in big cities such as London when it is actually quicker to cycle than it is to drive! 

If we can get more cyclists out on to the street and less in cars then surely that is better for the environment and will help aid peoples stress levels.  If you are cycling remember your helmet! it's a simple way to protect yourself from serious injury and maybe a girl in a short skirt and cycle helmet wont be so distracting?

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