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The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill was published on 21st June 2011. My interest in this is as a clinical negligence solicitor.

For decades, people who are have been left, or will always be, unable to work as a result of unacceptable standards of medical or clinical care, and who are without funds to otherwise pay for legal expertise, have been able to access Legal Aid to finance claims against the NHS Trusts who have left them in the position they are in. This Bill, which has been vehemently fought by numerous public interests groups, seems to have been passed to parliament without recognition of the issues passed on by those groups, with which my firm has been actively involved.

If passed, the Bill provides that no-one, including children who have been catastrophically injured by negligent acts at the time of their birth, will have access to Legal Aid to fight a claim against the NHS.

Adults who have had the misfortune to receive inadequate treatment, which has left them significantly disabled, unable to work, paralysed, incontinent, or both are, if the Bill is passed, to be left without any real access to justice.

Whilst I am disappointed at this news, I would strongly urge anyone who believes that they have a legitimate clam to bring against any NHS Trust, a GP, Private Consultant or any clinical body involved in providing them with medical care, to do so as soon as possible whilst Legal Aid remains as an option.

As a firm we are committed to making sure that we always seek justice and, regardless of an individual's financial circumstances, we always act in our clients' best interests.

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