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Horse riding accident

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Jo Rugman and her horse were jumping a relatively simple tyre fence 110 – 115 cm.  There was apparently nothing wrong with the fence which had been checked before the event, but as sometimes happens, her horse clipped the fence and she was thrown.  The horse stumbled and landed on top of her on the ground.  She was air lifted to hospital but sadly died soon afterwards.

The Coroner discussed the safety gear that she was wearing.  Apparently her body protector was 20 years old and would not have been allowed at other events.  She was however wearing an air jacket which would have been activated when she was thrown by the horse.   The Coroner heard that because the nature of the fall, it was unlikely that any safety gear would have saved her anyway.  Even so, the Coroner is asking the Master of the Fox Hounds Association to review their safety procedures in relation to safety gear. 

We all know that riding is a dangerous sport and jumping, eventing etc are particularly dangerous.   I myself suffered a nasty fall at a cross country course some years ago when I broke both my wrists. With a 9 month old baby, having both arms in plaster for 6 weeks was not much fun!  We do  however accept these risks as part of the deal. 

Do you think that we have a responsibility to make the use of the best safety equipment that is available not only for our own sakes but for the sake of our family and friends?

Julia Prior
Senior Solicitor - Personal Injury Team.

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