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Road Safety Rules For Pedestrians And Children

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 Some of the suggestions include: 

- Always be sure to cross streets safely by crossing at a corner or by using traffic signals and crosswalks. Do your best to make eye contact with drivers before you make an attempt to cross in front of them. Never make the assumption that if you can see the driver they can see you.

- Be sure to look both ways before crossing and during.

- Use sidewalks or walking paths whenever they are available. - Walk facing traffic.

- As a pedestrian you should do your best to always be aware of cars that are turning or backing up.

- Parents should always hold children's hands when in the street or in a parking lot.

Set pedestrian safety rules for your children.

- Children under the age of 10 should never be left to cross a street alone. Even then, adult supervision is essential until you are confident that your child has good traffic skills and judgment.

- Teach children to walk on direct routes with few traffic crossings.

- Children should also be taught to cross 10 feet in front of a school bus and never behind.

- Most importantly, a child should be taught never to run into the street after a ball, pet, person or any other reason.

Help Keep Pedestrians Safe.

- Children should be kept in safe places away from motor vehicles. Try to keep play areas fenced off, secluded or away from the street.

- Purchase and wear clothing and accessories that incorporate retro reflective materials.

- Always be weary of children when backing out of a driveway or parking space.

In the UK we also have a set code to keep pedestrians and children safe being the Green Cross Code which we should all familiarise ourselves with and teach our children as early as possible to keep them safe and hopefully reduce the number of accidents.

Julie Donovan
Senior Legal Executive - Personal Injury Team.

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