And I will walk 100km…

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The 100km trail, known as Trailwalker, is a challenge taken on by teams of 4 people who have to walk the stretch in under 30 hours. As a team we have decided to push the bar a little bit and aim for 20-24 hours! We will be walking pretty much non-stop through the day and night to make it to Brighton bright and early Sunday morning, just in time for a much needed fry-up!

The team consists of me (Alicia Marsh), John Hepworth, Joseph Lloyd, and Sophia King. We are also very lucky to have Tim Williamson and Helen Spurgeon as our support team who will be meeting us at various check points along the way to keep us topped up with plenty of food and drink!  

Earlier in the year we completed Walk the Wight, a 26 mile walk across the Isle of Wight, as part of our training programme. Unfortunately I seemed to suffer with cramp in my gluteal muscles which left me unable to walk after mile 13 and I had to pull out whilst the others ploughed ahead to the finish line. Lots of stretching, salt, water and a few weeks later I completed a 27 mile training walk with the rest of the team from Winchester to Portsmouth. Although we managed to complete the walk successfully, the sun was burning down on us the whole way and we all felt the impact of the heat on our energy and speed as well as the pain of the sun burn that appeared later that evening! However, looking forward to this weekend I don’t think the sun will be causing us any problems as we have a new challenge on our hands….rain! So with only 3 days to go, its time to pack up the plasters, deep heat, copious amounts of socks, waterproofs and start front loading the carbs. Think of us this weekend and please keep your fingers crossed that we all manage to make it in one piece! And of course, if you have any pennies to spare then we appreciate all the donations we can get…

Alicia Marsh

Trainee Solicitor - Clinical Negligence Team.

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