GPS for motorcyclists - is it safe or is there another way?

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There are obviously cases where GPS devices have caused distractions which have then caused accidents, but overall, in-car GPS devices are a safe and all-round approved means of getting around on four wheels.

However it is not as simple for motorcyclists and there is  an argument that glancing at a GPS screen whilst riding a bike is more dangerous than it is in a car.  Others say it is not different when rding a motorbike.  A quick glance to see what’s coming and then eyes back on the road is no different than when driving a car. The  main reason for the debate  appears to be the assumption by non riders that all motorcyclists speed.

Although an odd glance at a screen may be safe ,  is it convenient  or  practical to have the device strapped to the handlebars or on an extended arm which may well cause the rider to do more than take a quick glance?

Help is now on the way for motorcyclists and new Bluetooth technology  is now available which  hooks  the Sat Nav up to the rider's helmet.  This means the instructions from the GPS are received in the rider's ear and there is no need for the rider to take his eyes off the road and is an altogether much safer option for motorcyclists.  We can only hope that the manufacturers of such equipment do not price it out of the market so that it will be readily available to all motorcyclists.

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