read the article in today's Guardian about nanotechnology, particularly how it may result in a treatment or cure for spinal cord injury (SCI)." />

Nanotechnology : To Repair Spinal Injuries

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Researchers have developed a nano-engineered gel  to help nerve cells regrow. The gel is injected at the site of a spinal injury and it self-assembles into a "scaffold" that supports new nerve fibres as they grow up and down the spinal cord. The results, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, showed that after six weeks of tests in mice with spinal injuries, the animals could use their hind legs to walk again.

"There is no magic bullet or one single thing that solves the spinal cord injury, but this gives us a brand new technology to be able to think about treating this disorder," says Kessler, one of the researchers. "It could be used in combination with other technologies, including stem cells, drugs or other kinds of interventions."

Although we may be many years away from hum research or treatment, this is very interesting researching and may be a glimmer of hope for many who are currently disabled as a result of SCI.

Claire Howard
Partner - Personal Injury Team

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