Meningitis Warning for Students starting New Term

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That was many years ago and thankfully there is now a great deal of more information widely available about the early signs and symptoms of meningococcal (bacterial) meningitis.

However, it saddens me that from a professional perspective as a clinical negligence solicitor, I continue to speak with either family members or patients themselves, who although they have survived this terrifying infection, are left to deal with sometimes dreadful consequences, such as amputation, deafness and in some instances, brain damage, which may be attributable to a delay in diagnosing the condition. Even more upsettingly, I have on occasions spoken with surviving family members who have lost a child or young person to meningitis, who are concerned that the early warning signs of this infection were missed.

The importance of knowing the early symptoms of meningitis and of recognising their potential seriousness, cannot be emphasised enough. If you are worried about yourself, or someone you know, then do not hesitate to seek professional medical assistance. All medical professionals will be more than pleased to tell you that you are worrying about a 'mere' common cold or flu, than to make a diagnosis of this potentially life-threatening infection requiring extremely rapid and intensive treatment.

Young children and university students are known to be at higher risk of this infection, which can spread more easily than usual amongst their peer groups given the fact that they socialise in very close proximity to each other.

See the 'Meningtitis Now' website for more information.

Kym Provan

Senior Solicitor - Clinical Negligence Team

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