What is the Cost of Life?

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Neeedless to say a rapid and passionate response has followed this news.

The radio debate was just as emotive.  Some strongly in support, some strongly against.  No-one sat on the fence.  Indeed, discussing this issue with my colleagues this lunch time also brought about strong opinions on both sides of the argument.

This is truly a dreadful position and I can only sympathise with those responsible for making the final decision.  Our NHS does not have infinite resources and those in favour of withholding drugs in terminally ill cancer patients will argue that the money can be spent better elsewhere.  But if you are watching a loved one die, many of us would do anything that they could to prolong their life, even if only by a few days.  Perhaps a miracle cure is just around the corner?

As personal injury lawyers we often come across the most horrific injuries.  The circumstances may be different, but treatment may be extensive and costly nonetheless. If the cost of supplying drugs to extend life is too expensive, where do we draw the line?  No doubt this argument will go on for some time but a decision will be made.  For once I actually feel for the politicians.  Whatever the decision, criticism will be heavy. 

Deborah Blackmore

Litigation Executive - Personal Injury Team

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