Avoiding Accidents When Running

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So when running you need to decide where you are going to run. This in itself can cause a list of problems. Do you run along the road or do you run in a park, along the streets? I have tried all of these and have encountered problems with all of them.

When running on streets, firstly you have to cope with avoiding all the pot holes, gas works, wobbly paving and if that is not enough - people opening their car doors into you as well. Then you need to avoid the dog mess, litter and worst of all - people not looking where they are going while talking on their mobile phones. I think I have a good idea now where most of the pot holes in my local area are, and have been for a long time.

Now when running in a park you get lovely open spaces, nature - you would think this in itself would just be a pleasure! Unfortunately, while you get all of this, you get so much more as well. You get dogs that wish to run with you and try to trip you over; dog owners using their extendable leads which are hard to see and are just tripping hazards so they end up quite a challenge to avoid. Then you have children playing and throwing all sorts of things such as balls, Frisbees and other flying objects.

When running on the roads, especially ones without pavements,  you have cars and lorries to avoid as well as further pot holes, road works and bikes. Wing mirrors can also be very dangerous, especially if the driver doesn't give you enough room.

I've never realised that running could be so dangerous! So be careful and if you are injured through someone else's negligence - we are just a phone call away to help!

David Chilcott
Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives - Personal Injury Team 

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