Tailgating - Why oh why??

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Climbing into it in my work skirt, without sustaining injury, is a story that I won't go into!

Now one must remember that the Defender is a toy and not a Porsche.  It is a work horse and to say that excessive speeds are challenging is, perhaps, a slightly misleading statement.  Such speeds are simply not achievable, but I was quite happy plodding along at 50 to 60 mph all the way to work.  It made a pleasant change to be honest.Not so for the guy (sorry, it may well have been a girl) in the Bentley behind me. Had he been any closer he could have hitched a lift.  There were many occasions where he could have passed me, but did he?  No.  He preferred to sit on my tail.  Was it an attempt to push me to drive faster?  Or was he just in a rush? Or was I just annoying him as he had a faster car than me and wanted to drive it as such?  Or did he simply not realise that he was in my personal space?

Well, the thing is, he could have caused an accident.  Yes, he did make me nervous, but there was nothing that I could do to go faster. Had I been in my own car I may have been tempted to drive faster than I was comfortable in doing, just to get him off my tail.  Yes, I may have taken risks.

The Highway Code is clear in relation to rear end shunts.  But many take no heed.

I and my colleagues deal on a daily basis for clients who have been injured in accidents whether on the road or otherwise and, I may be a tad naive, but I simply don't get it.  Why do people insist on increasing the risk of accidents so unnecessarily?
Well, that's my rant over for the day.  Bah humbug.

I did have the last laugh though. As I came round the corner, said driver was stuck behind a tractor.  An added bonus was the tractor's registration plate.... SN08!  I get joy from the smallest of things.  And guess who's hoping for snow?  Perhaps I will come across him again then? :-)

Deborah Blackmore
Litigation Executive - Personal Injury team 

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