The Rising Cost of Motor Insurance

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There are some positive aspects of the report but TSC have not grasped the concept of exactly what is causing and fuelling the continued rise in premiums.

They are blaming solicitors for allowing whiplash claims when most claims are genuine. This shows a blatant misunderstanding of how the claims process works.  The process provides checks to ensure that only genuine injuries are compensated but the process cannot cater for the insurers practice of fuelling claims through third party capture and the selling of data!   The issue is not just about fraudulent Claimants.  It is about insurers rushing to settle claims before they have seen medical reports!  

What effect will this have upon those genuine accident victims who do suffer this injury and their access to justice?

The Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) believe motor insurance premiums will come down when:

-  There is a holistic reform      
Limited ban on referral fees to the operation of the portal.

-   We have transparency      
Insurers need to be honest about the true cost of motor claims and how to handle them

-   Unscrupulous practices are brought to an end      
No one should be bombarded with unsolicited marketing.  A clear message should be sent to insurers who breach data protection legislation

-   Whiplash myths are dispelled and the real problem is tackled    
Fraudulent claims for soft tissue injuries are enabled by insurers settling before they have seen full and impartial medical report.

-   The industry's current work is supported    
RTA portal has made the claims process easier and more efficient for Claimants.  The fees and process that was established was negotiated by the whole industry!

Kaye Mansbridge
Legal Executive - Personal Injury team

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