A sad decline in society - if true

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It seems that we are more likely to have affairs and to walk away from denting another's car, for example.

If true, I find this very sad.  Honesty is the fabric of our society.  I for one could not go about my daily life knowing that I was not truthful.  In fact, my job depends on truth and honesty.Unfortunately, I, like most of us, have known those who are less than truthful and have personally suffered the consequences.  But I truly believe (no pun intended) that those who lie do get caught out, particularly those whose lies become so tangled that they forget what the truth actually is!

Let us hope that this research is heard by those to whom it relates and they have the common decency to look within and change their ways.  As an aside, I'm not sure if white lies were included! 

Deborah Blackmore

Litigation Executive - Personal Injury team

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