Should you be fined if you don't clear the snow of the path outside your house?

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The answer is no, but should we, that is the question?

In countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands residents have a duty to keep the pavements outside their homes free from snow.  In Germany the duty extends to half the width of the road as well.

It is serious business when it snows in Amercia or Canada.  Residents can be fined $250 (£157) if they fail to clear a 42 inch wide passage through the snow on the pavement outside their home.  The fine continues for every day that snow remains on the pavement.

Whilst residents in other countries beaver away with shovels, we are out sledging and building snowmen! There was one North London resident that reported that only two homeowners had bothered to clear the pavements outside their home and that was a German and an Indian.

You will find in many British towns that pathways are still covered with compressed ice and slush four days after the weekend snowfalls.Should we not be doing our bit to keep pavements clear and to avoid accidents? Should there be a law enforced in Great Britain like in other countries requiring householders to clear snow from outside their homes?

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