Smart phones at the wheel? Not so smart...

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There was a piece on the news this morning in that during normal driving conditions, drivers look down around 10% of the time.  When using mobiles they look down, on average, around 60% of the time!I find it incredulous that people send texts, or even read them, when driving.  How is it possible to concentrate when so doing?  It simply isn't.

I have problems sending texts when sat on the sofa, but perhaps technology isn't my strongest point.  I am sure I would drive off the road if I even tried to send a text at the wheel.  Not something that I care to do.

If I am to be considered a normal road user, it is frightening to think how many times I have looked over to see a driver looking down, clearly using their mobile.  They lose speed, swerve over the road and get too close to the car in front.  This is exactly what the news article was saying. Many seem totally ignorant to the dangers that they are causing not only to other road users, but also to themselves. I simply cannot understand how reading/sending an e-mail, or low and behold, accessing Facebook can be so dreadfully urgent.

I can only hope that it doesn't take a catastrophic accident to make each and every one of these people understand the risks.

Deborah Blackmore
Litigation Executive - Personal Injury team

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