is advising women travelling alone to wear a fake wedding ring to fend off unwanted attention while on holiday. The advice is not marked out for specific countries." />

Travelling alone - a few tips to stay safe

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So here you go. 42 and never married (and not likely to be any time soon) I now have the perfect excuse to wear a wedding band.

Good advice? No matter where you are, even travelling back from work in public transport, a woman on her own is bound to attract some male attention, regardless of how attractive she is, because she will be seen as vulnerable for the very fact she is on her own.

In my opinion this is is irrespective of the country you are in. A woman travelling on her own should always be on her guards. Some countries can be more risky or thoroughly dangerous in this respect. I remember my first taxi ride in Holland when I was told by the taxi driver to be careful as there were far more males than females in Holland and that guys were pretty desperate because of this. In the end I must confess that this turned out to my advantage.

Seriously though a woman travelling alone should take some basic precautions. Here is a short list I compiled:

1. Make sure someone knows what you have planned for the day, the places you will go to, how you will travel there, and what time you are due back to your hotel. Touch base regularly.

2. Do wear sensible clothing so not to attract attention to yourself.3. Make sure you stay in places where there is always people about.

4. Have your mobile on you at all times with the emergency numbers to call in case of trouble (do your research before you go. It is amazing how many people who travel abroad do not even know which number to call in case of emergency. I am afraid 999 does only work in the UK).

5. In case you lose your mobile, keep a small piece of paper in your pocket with all the telephone numbers you need and have some small change handy.

6. There are some helpful devices at hand. I personnally carry a key ring in a heart shape with an alarm button. Make sure it is always in reach and not buried in the depth of your handbag.

From now on I will also be wearing a wedding band. Honestly? Of course not. What are the chances of me getting hitched for real?   

Sophie Nivoit
Solicitor - Travel team 

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