Homeowners. Is your home a trap?

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I have encountered many trials and tribulations over this period and I have to admit that I am glad it's over.  Next step - sledge hammer!  Not good, when some refer to me as Calamity Jane.  But that's the subject for another blog perhaps?

During my search I have encountered Himalayan driveways in which my car got stuck and perhaps I was lucky to escape whiplash, or worse.  Emotional distress was never far away, whether at the hands of sellers whose personalities seemed to take on a Jekyll and Hyde transition or perhaps on reading a surveyor's building report.  Not to mention the effect of mortgage lenders on my psychological health!  Perhaps the most memorable incident, however, was falling out of the front door of a property I that was viewing, doing an impressive impression of Bambi, in full view of Estate Agent and seller, not to mention my husband!  Very elegant.  Not.  Fortunately, I escaped with a badly bruised knee, but my dignity took a severe battering.

Well, it got me thinking.  I am a personal injury lawyer and while I picked myself up (clearly literally in some cases!) it occurred to me that householders should remember that they are not exempt from being sued!  The Bambi incident was due to decking which was wet and slippery.  There was no matting and I had no idea that it resembled a skating rink.  Would it have taken much for the Estate Agent and/or seller to warn me? 

The driveway incident.  When you are inviting people onto your property, you assume a responsibility for their safety.  Potholes the size that I experienced could not have gone unnoticed by the seller and a few bags of gravel is not too much to ask.

Surveyor's reports are another matter entirely.  Throughout my search I had many a survey undertaken.  On one occasion a seller telephoned my surveyor, because they didn't like what his report stated.  Basically, they didn't believe me.  Asbestos?  Not in my house.  In my line of work, the word asbestos is not to be ignored! My surveyor was put in an uncomfortable position as he had no authority to speak to the seller.  He owed no duty to anyone but me and no one else can rely on the content of his report.  The repercussions on him could have been far reaching.

So just a word of warning, whether a home owner inviting friends over for dinner, or whether selling your home, do ensure that you consider the risks! 

Deborah Blackmore

Chartered Legal Executive - Personal Injury team 

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