Could these travel apps save your life?

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1. Pocket First Aid and CPR - apparently this app helped save someone's life following the Haiti earthquake. You see, the app can get to places the designated first aider cannot - including injured people buried several feet under rubble. A remarkable story.

2. mPassport - if you fall ill abroad and are in an obscure location where you cannot make sense of the medicine you need for your ailment then this app will apparently help you find the local equivalent of the medicine you would usually reach for back at home.

3. SaferBus - the app that enables you to download safety ratings for bus companies and routes. If you're going to take risks when travelling then make sure the risk is carefully calculated. Frankly, if you need to get on a bus then you need to get on a bus but for those with extreme paranoia this app could help put you at ease.

4. Smart Traveler - I like the sound of this app. It keeps you up to speed on the breaking news in any given destination and also contains a link to the US Embassy's Know Before You Go section. The FCO in the UK runs a similar campaign and should be essential reading before anyone ventures abroad, particularly if travelling to a destination they have not visited before.

5. ICE 4 Travel - another app that could save your life, storing information on immunisations, allergies, medicines and emergency contacts and handily translates them into 7 different languages. I am not convinced of the worth of this app. Most phones are password protected so presumably the app could not be accessed unless you can help whoever is coming to your assistance to unblock the password and access the vital information it contains.

6. Help Call - one thing many travellers overlook is the local emergency contact number. This app ensures you can access the local emergency services with the tap of a key.

7. UV Detector - if you're susceptible to sunburn then download this app. It will check the UVI rating of your destination and set off a countdown timer to remind you when to reapply sunblock.

8. Nationwide Insurance Accident Relief - if you're in a state of panic following a road traffic accident this app from the American insurer will take you through step by step what you need to do at the scene of the accident.

I am not entirely convinced of the worth of these travel apps. They are also primarily targeted at the American market, although no doubt there are equivalents for travellers from the UK out there somewhere. Travelling is all about having fun though and these apps could enhance the experience and help you pass the time of day as you sun it up on the beach or trek across your chosen destination by train, plane or autocar.

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