Family raise awareness of Complex Neuromyopathic Intestinal Dismotility

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Full praise has to go to Amy Knowles, age 17, who has been diagnosed with the very rare condition of complex neuromyopathic intestinal dismotility.

This essentially means that the intestines stop working and do not allow a person to absorb nutrients from food. Amy's case was reported in the press on 2nd May 2012. Amy was suspected of suffering from anorexia at the age of 11, but her parents thankfully did not accept this diagnosis and sought a second opinion, which eventually resulted in the diagnosis of this very rare condition. Amy looks the picture of health in the news articles, which is to the credit of her, her parents and the doctors that have treated her.

Amy is currently given nutrition through a line into her heart which passes those nutrients directly into her bloodstream, bypassing the need for her malfunctioning intestines. However, this is not normal food, and Amy is unable to enjoy the acts of eating, taste, satisfying hunger etc. However Amy's sense of humour shines through in the press articles, and she is noted to still want to cook for her family, and to enjoy going out for food with friends, when she jokes with waiters that she is "just tight and can't afford any dinner and that's why I'm not eating" Amy's friends are clearly just as supportive.

Read more here.Young people attract a lot of bad press, but more attention should be paid to young people like Amy and her friends. Amy's parents also deserve full credit for the way in which they have fought for and supported their daughter. I wish all of them well for a long and happy future.   

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