Can Extra Genetic Testing Increase IVF Pregnancy Rate?

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A study, published in the Journal of Molecular Cytogenetics suggests that extra genetic screening increases the pregnancy rate by 65%.

"After a sperm has fertilised an egg, the developing embryo should contain genetic information from both parents - 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 from the father. Sometimes mistakes get made and the embryo can have too many or too few chromosomes. In most cases this means the embryo will not develop. The screening method developed by Blue Gnome takes a few cells from the embryo when it is five days old. These are analysed to count the chromosomes. Only those with the correct number are then implanted."

Professor Dagan Wells from the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Oxford says "We know from this particular study that it does seem to work rather well - it's very exciting really.”

It is appreciated that further testing is required. However, this will be exciting news for those couples who plan to undergo IVF.

Patricia Wakeford
Solicitor - Clinical Negligence team

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