Dangerous Dogs or just Bad Owners

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Dogs often attack or become aggressive when they are trying to protect their territory, owner, or when they become afraid.

It is estimated that there are over 200,000 dog attacks every year and therefore this is a big problem. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have advised that often aggressive animals are victims themselves of neglect and violence at the hands of their owners.

When dogs attack it can be very painful physically and can cause severe psychological damage. If you are unlucky enough to have suffered a dog attack and have suffered personal injury you may be able to pursue a claim. A lot of owners these days have either specific dog insurance or may be covered under their home insurance polices. If no insurance is in place you may be able to claim through the criminal injuries compensation authority.

For a claim to be successful you need to show that the person in charge of the dog deliberately set it on you or the attack was a result of the dog owner failing to control an animal which was known to be vicious towards humans and the lack of control can be shown to be reckless. If for example a dog with a previous history of vicious behaviour towards humans was allowed out without suitable restraint or in the charge of a child this would probably be reckless behaviour.

If an attack occurs, try and get the details of the owner as soon as possible, report the incident to the police and dog warden. The more attacks that are reported the more action can be taken by the police and dog wardens to make sure these owners are held responsible.     

David Chilcott
Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives - Personal Injury team 

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