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Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Early Intervention for Better Results

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I heard from a number of experts in their particular fields. The first speaker was a Neurologist who specialises in rehabilitation from brain injuries. He explained how the brain can to some extent re-arrange itself so that different parts of the brain can sometimes take over the functions of damaged parts. Rehabilitation can maximise this recovery, although the effects can be fairly limited. He also emphasised the need for all the various medical and treatment practitioners to work together with agreed common goals to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.

The Neurosurgeon explained (in graphic detail!) the different types of brain injury and the different types of surgical treatment which might be appropriate.

I then heard from a Psychologist, a Psychotherapist, an Occupational Health therapist, a Physiotherapist and a Speech and language therapist, all of whom specialise in brain injured patients, and explained their various roles in providing treatment.

Finally I heard from a Case Manager. They are employed by the legal team to help the patient by organising their care package and treatment needs, and their involvement goes on way beyond the claim itself, so that they continue to provide support for the patient and their family for many years after the settlement money has been agreed and paid, and the lawyer's involvement has come to an end.

The true life case studies were inspiring, sometimes emotional, and showed what can be achieved with the right team on board.

The underlying message of the day was that of early intervention - the sooner that rehabilitation is started then the better the results that can be achieved.

That may not always be possible due to the limited funding available on the NHS. Therefore it is vital to obtain funds from the insurance company so that treatment can start early, or when that is not possible, the Neurologist can assist by making recommendations and working with the patient's treating doctors.

All in all a very enjoyable and informative day.

Julia Prior

Senior Solicitor - Personal Injury team

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