Risk Assessment: Is It Just a Waste of Time?

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People undertake risk assessment all the time without even knowing they are doing it. We don't leave out cleaning chemicals, tablets and knives when children are going to be around. We also undertake mini assessments  when any children are coming to our homes: we think, I must put that up high and out of reach as they will break it or injure themselves or swallow that or stab themselves with that.This is no different in people's working environments - you look at working environments and practices and you try and see what is likely to cause harm and how you can eliminate or control/reduce the risk. This can be something simple like making sure floors are clean, dry and free from tripping hazards, or making sure people don't leave drawers open. All these are obvious things and don't take a lot of effort to put right.

Not all risks are as easy to identify but the same principles apply. Once risks are identified, you then need to consider who is likely to be harmed by them? Then you need to decide how you can eliminate or control the risk, then put in to place any necessary procedures such as mainta maintenance, cleaning, inspections and keep them reviewed quarterly / half yearly or as necessary.

So risk assessments are necessary and could save yours and my life and those of  friends and colleagues.   

David Chilcott
Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives - Personal Injury team 

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