Beware of the Holiday illness Hotspots

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Many of the countries identified as being high risk for holiday illness and food poisoning are now increasingly popular destinations and include Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt. Thailand, India and Spain also top the list of Countries where Britons are most likely to contract a form of gastrointestinal illness, with salmonella being the most common offender amongst bacteria. Water borne diseases are also increasingly common and can be contracted from the use of showers, swimming pools or drinking local water.

As you think about booking your summer holiday or if you're about to pack the suitcase before jetting off then it is worth bearing in mind some top tips to avoid falling ill abroad:-

    - Wash your hands before and after going to the toilet and before preparing food. This may sound like common sense but you may (or may not!) be surprised how many people don't!
    - Pack the alcogel and carry it with you while you are away.
    - Research the destination before you go. This is a must for any destination. Check out the FCO's Know Before You Go website.
    - Ensure any food is piping hot and recently prepared.
    - Be hygienic around the swimming pool. You cannot always rely on the hotel to be mixing the water with the right chemicals to keep disease at bay.
    - Avoid drinking local water if there is a risk it may not be safe. Check any water provided in your hotel room to ensure the seal on the bottle has not been broken.

It is not worth taking any risks as it will ruin your holiday. If you are unfortunate enough to contract a disease or illness as a result of poor hygiene standards while you are abroad then be sure to get expert advice when you return home. Visit a Doctor both in resort and when you return to ensure you are checked over correctly and provide the necessary samples.

Observe the basics and you will have the summer holiday you deserve and have no doubt long been looking forward to.

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