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Top tips to help beat the heat

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1. Drink plenty of water - this goes without saying although (and I was also guilty of this) I saw many people dehydrating themselves further with some cool lager from the nearby pub. If you can't help yourself, alternate with copious amounts of water.

2. Wear sunblock - on this one make sure you apply the cream thoroughly or you may resemble a zebra at the end of the day (I know what I am talking about).

3. Spend time in the shade - well easier said than done when you are on the beach with no parasol. I kept going into the water to cool down but the current was very strong and I found myself approaching Weymouth when I decided to go back to my beach towel. Sadly too many drowning accidents happened over the weekend. Watch out and look at that flag on the beach. Even a good swimmer can get into serious difficulty.

4. I would also recommend wearing a hat. I have a very red forehead today which I keep on moisturising with baby oil, which makes it worse as it looks like like a red light visible in a far distance.

5. Take it easy - this I did very well. Be sensible. I was reading less than a month ago that at least 2 people died of a heart attack when trekking in Tenerife in temperatures rising the 40s. This is plain stupid. Trekking is hard enough let alone in those temperatures, which let's be honest we are not used to.

6. Sightsee early - I set off at 8.30am as my car does not have air con. Walking in the heat is no fun anyway.

7. Stay away from synthetic fibres - well you would end up with a very bad smell otherwise and the 70s are over anyway.

You may take all those necessary precautions in the heat but accidents always happen. When abroad make sure you have adequate travel insurance before you jet off, or you may be left with a hefty medical bill to pick up. And no, you cannot sue anyone for being careless. Just stay cool.

Sophie Nivoit
Solicitor - Claims Abroad team

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