Grandmother killed in riding accident

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In this case the lady's horse suddenly reared, and she was found later in the road with fatal spinal injuries. It turned out that the horse had a serious and painful injury itself to its withers which had caused it to rear, completely out of character.

It repeated this with a subsequent owner and it was then when the horse was checked by a vet at a later date that the injury which caused the horse to rear was identified.

This does go to show that even the most dependable and placid horse can act out of character with no warning at all.

The coroner made the very sensible suggestion that a horse's veterinary records should follow it when it is sold on. What a great idea if that was to happen as a matter of course. At the moment this rarely if ever happens. Whilst a buyer has the option of having a horse or pony independently vetted before they buy, many buyers choose not to and take a chance.

Nowadays with compulsory micro-chipping of horses the technology should make it possible for there to be a central database not only of owner's details and the information you expect from a passport, but also of vetting records.

Sadly I will not hold my breath. No doubt the cost of this would be prohibitive, and who would foot the bill?

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