Lottery Winner Exposed as Rapist

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The law has always allowed one person (the Claimant) to make a claim for damages against any person who injures them directly (the Defendant) in a civil court. 
It should not be thought that abusers are always penniless, and consequently not worth suing. In point of fact, many own properties, hold down lucrative employment and they may have substantial resources. Very often they use these resources so as to gain access to children.  
Civil claims involving sexual abuse brought against an individual abuser are called claims for “trespass to the person” or “assault.” These claims are now far more common than they were four years ago. This is mainly because prior to 2008, the law of limitation stated that a person abused by another, had to bring their claim within six years of their 18th birthday or (if they were an adult at the time of the abuse) within six years of abuse. Unsurprisingly this made it impossible for many survivors of abuse to bring any kind of claim at all. 
The House of Lords decision in A v Hoare [2008] 1 AC 844 removed this distinction at a stroke.  Now the limitation period for all personal injury claims including those involving deliberate abuse is now governed by sections 11, 14 and 33 of the Limitation Act 1980, that is very generally three years from the date of the assault. Interestingly the Defendant in A v Hoare was also a winner of the lottery.

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