What all Motorcyclists Need to Know About Noise!

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So there I was this weekend, in the wind (!), all prepared to cheer on Rossi.  I have to follow Rossi, husband's orders and heaven help me if I mention the L word, yes that's Lorenzo, although he slightly relaxed them to allow a cheer for Crutchlow too!! With me being a lawyer dealing with Noise Induced Hearing Loss I was prepared for the noise from the motorcycles, and no, when they come racing past you cannot have a conversation at all!, but was pleased to see that ear plugs were readily available.  Indeed as soon as you walked through the entrance gates they were there and all the stalls stocked them.

Realistically I don't know how many people wear them during the races but I was pleased to see that nearly all toddlers had their brightly coloured ear defenders on and all looked very cool!

When he is not wearing his I-pod I know my husband wears ear plugs when he is out on his bike for a long period of time.  I, mistakenly, thought that the majority of noise would come from the bike itself, but apparently wind noise created by air turbulence produces almost all noise over 35mph.  Speeds up to 35mph create approximately 85 - 95db and this climbs to in excess of 100db when you reach speeds in excess of 65mph.

Full face helmets don't offer protection either as they only tend to provide around a 5db reduction, whereas if you wear ear plugs you can expect a noise reduction of up to 33db.

So, bikers out there - get yourself some ear defenders and hit the open road... well not literally, although I do know a very good RTA lawyer . . .  
Karen Thompson

Legal Executive - Personal Injury team

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