How big is your Carbon Footprint?

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It produces more emissions than all planes departing from Heathrow airport and "produces enough sewage to fill Wembley Stadium once every 16 days". (HSJ Health Service Journal 12 July 2012 pages 19-20)
A report from the King's Fund (Sustainable Health and Social Care: Connecting environmental and financial performance) states that:
"Increasingly, health and social care will need to be delivered in ways that are not only financially sustainable, but environmentally sustainable too. This means minimising avoidable environmental damage while also ensuring that services are capable of responding to the health impacts and operational consequences of anticipated environmental changes". It is suggested that day to day changes will not be enough to make an impact. Policy makers also need to get involved to ensure that changes can be made.
"Services need to be re-designed to shift care upstream and place greater emphasis on primary care, prevention and self-management. If health and social care services were provided in such a way that service users experience an efficient journey through the system, obtain maximum value from every contact with professionals, and receive well-co-ordinated support for their multiple needs, this should be more sustainable from both an environmental and a financial perspective". 
"Policy-makers should also consider how regulatory mechanisms and other levers can be used to drive the adoption of more environmentally sustainable approaches to delivering care. For example, there is ongoing work funded by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to explore how carbon emissions could be included within health technology assessments and guidelines. This will be important in developing methods for measuring cost-effectiveness that include external costs and benefits". 
It seems as if there may be a long way to go before the NHS becomes more sustainably efficient. Although I appreciate the importance of this way forward, I would rather know that the NHS are concentrating on ensuring there are enough doctors and nurses on duty to look after patients.

Patricia Wakeford

Solicitor - Clinical Negligence team

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