The importance of ensuring you are well covered for your summer holiday

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Those hospitalisations can, of course, be very costly.  Someone has to pay the bill for the treatment which is not always covered by the EHIC.  If you have wisely taken out travel insurance before going abroad then your insurer may pay for the treatment.  The insurer will not pay, however, if the claim falls outside of the policy or an exclusion clause applies. 

One of the most pertinent news items I have come across on the FCO's data was in The Guardian online.  This article focuses on the massive rise in hospitalisations in Ibiza and Majorca, largely due to excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse amongst the large number of young people who visit these party islands in their droves over the summer months.

No one can blame young Brits for wanting to make the most of what these party islands have to offer.  At the same time, no one can blame the travel insurer for refusing to cover a claim where alcohol played even the slightest part in the calamity.  The extent to which the insurer will decline cover depends on the policy wording, as the piece from The Guardian highlights.  Travellers should check carefully before they purchase insurance or before doing anything silly (including getting recklessly drunk) on holiday.  What is covered can vary widely depending on the insurer and the policy - much like the Olympics many insurers offer a Bronze, Silver and Gold grading.

For the parents out there, if your son or daughter is off on holiday with their friends (whether it be for the first time or not) then do not let them leave without comprehensive travel insurance and a stern word about how far their frolicking can go if they still want to be covered.  That way it will be happy holidays all round without the (possibly avoidable) burden of dealing with a travel insurance claim abroad or on their return home! 

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